What the experts are saying about Whisky Water… 


Dr. Bill Lumsden
Master Distiller

“It’s the provenance and sense of place which makes Single Malt Whisky so unique. Adding water from the same source can only help protect the integrity of the spirit”


Mal Spence
Head Bartender
The Blythswood

“Knowledge is a very important and powerful part of my role as bartender. This knowledge enables me to spot a genuine article. Uisge Source is one of the most exciting products I have seen during my career”


Dr Stephen Cribb
Geologist, whisky ambassador and author of ‘Whisky on the rocks’

“The chemistry of the water used to make whisky affects the character of the whisky. Adding source water or water with similar properties will ensure that no additional chemical factors are introduced and the character remains unchanged”


Chic Murray
Legendary Scottish Entertainer

“There are only 2 rules for drinking whisky. First never take whisky without water. Second, never take water without whisky.”



The Character of Uisge Source Waters…

The diagram below reveals how Uisge Source waters are different by comparing the mineral content, PH (the extent to which the water is more acidic or more alkaline), conductivity, and total hardness score.


Islay’s Ardilistry Spring produces water with higher natural acidity which is created by filtration through peat.

St Colman’s Well in the Highland region produces a hard water, high in minerals due to filtration through porous and brittle red sandstone and limestone.

The Cairngorms Well in the Speyside region produces a soft water, low in minerals as a result of being filtered through hard rock such as granite.



Choosing the right water is imperative.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a truly unique spirit. Its infinite complexity of flavours and aromas deserve to be appreciated.

Professional tasters and whisky experts recommend the addition of pure, fresh spring water. Adding water will ‘open up’ your whisky, soften the alcohol prickle and allow it to breathe. New and subtle tastes and aromas will be revealed.