Uisge Source brings 3 main whisky water products which derive from 3 specific regions of Scotland. There are also NEW whisky related barware items such as flights and glassware to compliment your Whisky experience.

ISLAY / The only bottled water from the Scottish Islands The Ardilistry Spring, Islay

Imagine you have been miraculously transported to Islay, ancient stronghold of the Lord of the Isles. You are squelching across one of the great swathes of peat bog that typifies the landscape hereabouts. As the water wells up over your boots pay it a modicum of respect. For this is the very peat-filtered water used to make the famous Islay single malts. And the same naturally acidic water that feeds our very own Ardilistry Spring, making it the ideal companion to the aforesaid malts. The spring lies just a couple of miles from the main Islay distilleries. You'll find it on a single-track road heading towards the historic 8th century Kildalton Cross. Perhaps this proximity to an ancient Christian relic is no coincidence. After all, when you add Uisge Source Ardilistry Spring water to Islay malt, the result is indeed very close to heaven.

HIGHLAND / The most northerly bottled water in Scotland St Colman's Well, Ross-Shire

Allow us to introduce St Colman, founder of several churches in the Highlands of Scotland during the 7th Century. It must have been thirsty work, for there is a well that bears his name to this day. St Colman's Well, close to some of the popular Highland distilleries, is where we take our Highland water for Uisge Source. The water is filtered through red sandstone and limestone rock strata. So it's hard and rich in minerals, as is the water used by the nearby distilleries. The locals were frequent visitors to the well over the centuries. Here you can still see several rocks with cup marks in them. It seems longevity was commonplace too, with ages of 117 and 107 being recorded. Could a drop of Uisge Source change your Highland malt from the 'water of life' into the 'water of longer life'? We're sure you'll enjoy finding out.

SPEYSIDE / One of the highest natural mountain springs in Scotland The Cairngorms Well, Moray

The date is 7th October 1859. A breathless Queen Victoria has just reached the summit of Ben Macdui, the highest peak in the Cairngorms. In her words "It had a sublime and solemn effect, so wild and solitary…I had a little whisky and water, as the people declared pure water would be too chilling." Well, that's her excuse, as though any excuse is needed to enjoy a dram of Speyside single Malt. Fast-forward to today and you don't have to be Royalty to enjoy the right water in your Speyside malt. Our water is from The Cairngorms Well, one of Scotland's highest natural springs. Emerging from the River Spey catchment and flowing over hard rock strata the water is soft and low in minerals, like that used by many Speyside distilleries. There are over 45 Speyside malts. But, we would argue, just one water good enough to add to them.





PIPETTE (Packed in boxes of 100. 10 boxes per case)